Pilot project is designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of implementation and the impact of implementation and feasibility.
In JUTPI Phase 2, the pilot project's aims to:

  • Improve capacity of local government’s agencies related with the urban transportation sector at the planning, implementation and evaluation stage through the implementation of pilot project;
  • Produce “small but big impact project”to encourage the use of public transport.
  • To establish and update implementation mechanisms for pilot projects including a method of selection, implementation support and evaluation considering relevant urban transportation polices of related agencies in Jabodetabek;
  • To implement pilot project which is expected to be conducted in all 9 (nine) Kota/Kabupaten in Jabodetabek area;
  • Evaluate the results of the pilot project implementation;
  • To develop recommendation containing lessons learned from the result of the implementation of pilot project
    The pilot project itself is divided into several activities with the following implementation schedule:

    1. Socialization to Badan Perencana Pembangunan Daerah (Bappeda) in each Kota/Kabupaten.
    JUTPI Phase 2 visited all 9 Bappeda in Jabodetabek area and delivered information of the goals and objectives of pilot project as well as its criteria for the submission of proposal from each Kota/Kabupaten. It is expected that each Kota/Kabupaten can propose a pilot project activity based on the coordination and consensus from relevant agencies by taking account the criteria and parameters set by JUTPI 2.

    2. Submission of Proposal
    JUTPI 2 provides an opportunity for each Kota/Kabupaten to carry out coordination between related agencies before submission of pilot project proposal. It is expected that the proposal is a result from the concerned agencies agreement and consensus, so that the pilot project facility which will be handed over to them can be managed and maintained properly. This process ended in mid-December 2017 over several deadline extensions prior the deadline of the submission of proposal. The proposed pilot project from 9 Kota/Kabupaten are shown in the following Table:

    3. Review and Selection
    After we receive pilot project proposals from all Kota/Kabupaten, JUTPI 2 together with The Coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs (CMEA) conduct a review and assessment process to select the most appropriate proposal which meet the required criteria and parameters. All proposals were reviewed based on criteria and parameter as follows:
    • Promote the use of public transportation;
    • For each pilot project, the budeget limit is Rp. (one billion rupiah) which includes the cost of design, survey, construction works and evaluation;
    • Pilot project must be implemented on the land owned by the local government and not located on land owned by residents and/or other institutions other than the local government;
    • Pilot project activities must avoid land acquisition and relocation;
    • Pilot project can bring direct benefit to public transportation users;
    • Pilot project must have a project sustainability plan, both in terms of operation and maintenance.

    As a part of the proposal’s submission process, Kota/Kabupaten also required to submit supporting data related with the underground utilities (electricity, telecommunication, gas pipe, drinking water and fiber optic). The selected proposal of pilot project was announced in JCC Meeting 19 April 2018. The selected 7 proposals from Kota/Kabuptaen are as follows:

      1. DKI Jakarta - Provision of wayfinding board for pedestrian in Jatinegara area.
      2. Kota Bogor - Pedestrian path improvement in Jalan Pajajaran (Baranangsiang area).
      3. Kabupaten Bogor - Provision of bus shelter in Jalan Raya Bogor near Cibinong station.
      4. Kota Depok - Provision of bus shelters and pelican crossing in Jalan Ir. H Juanda (Saminten side and Sugutamu side).
      5. Kota Tangerang - Provision of pedestrian bridge over the canal in Jalan Benteng Betawi, pelican crossing and pedestrian path near Tanah Tinggi station.
      6. Kota Tangerang Selatan - Provision of shelter in Jalan Cendrawasih near Jurang Mangu station.
      7. Kota Bekasi - Provision of bus shelter in front of Bekasi Timur station.

    4. Pre-implementation (design, survey, and contractor selection)
    For the purposes of the pre-implementation arrangement process, JUTPI 2 has appointed PT. BITA Enarcon Engineering as a planner and supervisor consultant. BITA carries out design work based on the submitted proposals and conduct several discussions and consultations with each Kota/Kabupaten to get appropriate design results. In this stage, BITA also carrying out preliminary survey activities to obtain information about traffic conditions, number of facility users as well as information about opinions from the local community and users regarding the plan to build pilot project facility in that location. This survey is important as part of the evaluation (before and after condition) after the construction work completed. In this stage, JUTPI 2 and BITA also carry out selection (tender) process to appoint the contractor, and as a result, JUTPI 2 appoint PT. Pramutjipta Sehati as a contractor to implement pilot project construction works in 7 Kota/Kabupaten.

    5. Design Concept
    After several discussion and consultation meetings with relevant agencies in each Kota/Kabupaten, the final design concept for each proposed pilot project finally completed. The designs concept for each pilot project in 7 Kota/Kabupaten are as follows:

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