As a forum for sharing information with counterparts on the progress of JUTPI Phase 2 project and agreeing on several required steps and policies during the project, JUTPI Phase 2 Team is responsible for conducting several meetings activities, such as:

Steering Committee (SC) Meeting
Steering Committee (S/C: Supreme Policy Decision Organization). The meetings are held regularly and some of the meetings will be held simultaneously with JCC meeting. The meeting shall be attended by the Steering Committee members (Regional Secretary in each province, Mayor of Cities and Head of Regencies), chaired by the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development of CMEA and co-chaired by the Deputy Minister for Facility and Infrastructure of Bappenas and Head of BPTJ.

Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) Meeting
Joint Coordination Committee (JCC): is a coordination meeting between related organizations. The meetings are held regularly and some of the meetings will be held simultaneously with Steering Committee meeting.

The second JCC and SC meeting was held on April 19th, 2018 at Ali Wardhana Building, CMEA. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Wahyu Utomo, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure Acceleration and Regional Development of CMEA, Mr. Tulus Hutagalung, Assistant Deputy of Multimode Transportation System and Mr. Sigit Irfansyah, Director of Planning and Development, BPTJ. Agenda of the JCC meeting was to inform the progress of each activity (Activity 1, Activity 2 and Activity 3) in the JUTPI 2 project. In total there are 4 JCC and SC meetings are scheduled.

Executing Committee (EC) Meeting
Executing Committee (E/C: Executive Committee): Administrative policy decision agency. The meetings are held regularly and shall be attended by Executing Committee members (Directors of relevant Ministries/Agencies and Head of related Agencies in Kabupaten/Kota, university professors and representatives from Indonesia’s Transportation Authorities). The Executing Committee meeting chaired by the Project Director and co-chaired by the Co-Project Directors.

The first Executing Committee meeting was held in July 2017 which aims to present work plan of JUTPI Phase 2 until the project deadline ends in July 2019. The meeting chaired by Project Director, Mr. Tulus Hutagalung (Assistant Deputy Minister for Multimodal Transportation System, CMEA). The meeting also described the following matters as follows: frame and scope of the project, introducing member of project secretariat and organizational chart, activities of project and work plan schedule, request from JUTPI 2 experts and discussion session. In total, there are 4 EC meetings are scheduled.

Project Working Unit (PWU) Meeting
Project Working Unit (PWU): Implementation Plan Unit. The meetings are also held regularly, attended by the Project Working Unit members (Deputy Directors from relevant Central Ministries and Local Government) and chaired by the Project Manager, and co-chaired by Co-Project Managers.

The first Project Working Unit (PWU) meeting was held in April 11th, 2018. The meeting held prior to Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) Meeting, aimed at confirming things to discuss at JCC meeting, persons to be invited for JCC meeting, participating institutions, project schedule and pilot project activity.

Institutions to be invited in the PWU meeting consists of 3 main counterparts of JUTPI 2(CMEA, Bappenas and BPTJ) and local government and/or related institutions (depends on topic/necessity). PWU meeting can be utilized as a medium for discussing the progress and issues during the implementation of project. In total, there are 8 PWU meetings are scheduled.

The seminar/workshop is conducted as a medium for the announcement of the outcome of each activity (Activity 1, Activity 2 and Activity 3). The event will be held regularly, attended by the representatives from government agencies, private sector, universities, experts, etc.

The first workshop was held in Grand Mercure Kemayoran Jakarta on December 6th, 2017 with the title of ‘TOD Model Project and Determination of TOD Project Coverage Area”. Points to be discussed in this workshop are as follows:
- Comprehension of TOD model project;
- Lesson learned (best practice) of TOD projects in Japan;
- Standard and procedure of TOD coverage area and boundary, and
- Coverage area setting of TOD projects.

This workshop aims to get knowledge about procedures and technique on how to determinate TOD coverage area and set up the boundaries. The overall goal of this workshop is to get mutual agreement regarding TOD and implementation process of TOD project which is specified on coverage area setting.

The second workshop will be carried out around July 2018, with the topic of TOD Model Project. In total, there are 4 workshops and 7 seminars are scheduled.

In addition to the above meetings, regular meetings with counterpart (Counterpart Meeting) are also held periodically by discussing specific topics.

Counterpart (CP) Meeting
Counterpart (CP) Meeting is held at the JUTPI Phase 2 project office periodically for technology transfer, attended by the Counterpart of JUTPI 2 with several different topics, such as:

18 Januari 2018
The 1st counterpart meeting on JUTPI Phase 2 Introduction and the progress of Activity 1.

28 Februari 2018
The 2nd Counterpart Meeting on Economic Aspects

4 April 2018
The 3rd Counterpart Meeting on Introduction to Transport Network Modelling Work

25 April 2018
The 4th Counterpart Meeting on Pilot Project.

23 May 2018
The 5th counterpart meeting on 5th technical training in Japan in February 2018.

6 June 2018
The 6th counterpart meeting on transport surveys in Activity 1.

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