As shown in the figure below, the Steering Committee (S/C) is chaired by the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development of the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs (CMEA) and co-chaired by the Deputy Minister for Facility and Infrastructure of National Body of Planning and Development (BAPPENAS) and by the Director of the BPTJ. Executing Committee (E/C) consist of Project Directors level (CMEA, Bureau of Transportation of BAPPENAS, Planning Director of BPTJ).

Project Working Unit (PWU) and a Task Team (T/T) are below S/C and E/C. Main activities will be performed mainly by this task team in which is not only the counterparts of the central government and related agencies of local governments, but also local consultants and transportation operators will participate including toll roads and public transport authority as necessary. The Joint Adjustment Committee (JCC) will be held to coordinate across S/C and other organizations. On the other hand, long-term experts and short-term experts constitute a team on the Japanese side. Members of the Indonesian side (task teams) and the Japanese side (long- and short-term experts) shall collaborate to implement the project.

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