Survey Objective
The main objective of the Survey is to obtain data of daily activity-travel from each respondent (Worker, Student, and Non-Worker) within Jabodetabek area. The Survey especially focuses on respondents who live in the newly developed area (see Figure 1) since JUTPI Phase 1 Commuter Survey in 2010 as well as respondents who do not have smartphones for the Smartphone-Based Survey. Data should include the respondent’s travel pattern and behaviour through daily activity-travel reporting. Socioeconomic data for household and household members shall also be collected.

Data Collection
Part 1. Socioeconomic Data (Form 1: Household, Form 2: Individual)
The interview was done to collect socioeconomic information of each household (Form1), such as: income, auto-ownership, household member’s main information, etc. There will be specific questions for one member of each household, such as: personal income, main activity, daily mode to commute, etc.

Part2. Activity-Travel Diary (Form 3: Trip Chains)
This part was done to collect the activity and travel information for 3 consecutive weekdays in 15-minutes interval.

Survey Methodology
  • Interview survey through conventional method of home visit
  • Conducted by using tablet devices to avoid errors in writing and inputting responses
  • For Form 3 (Activity-Travel Diary), method of filling in the diary survey forms will be explained and respondents will be asked to fill in the forms by themselves

Survey Issues
  • Hesitation to participate due to privacy issues: being tracked/recorded for 3 days straight
  • Rejection mostly comes from the middle-upper class
  • This survey is suspected to have connection to the next-year presidential election
  • Complexity of Form 3 (Activity-Travel Diary)

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